Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too Skinny Male Models Banned in U.K.

Skinny male models have been banned from The Clothes Show after a rise of 67 per cent in the number of men suffering from anorexia, so-called 'manorexia'.
Gavin Brown, managing director of the live show - which banned size zero girls in 2006 - said the rise over the past five years 'has been attributed to the fashion industry's increasing preference for very slender male models'. He added: 'The show has refused to employ what appears to be unnaturally thin male models as part of an ongoing commitment to promoting a healthy body image.'
Azmina Govindji, a dietician with the British Dietetic Association, said: 'Our view is that anything that idolises skinniness in men or women is potentially harmful.'

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